Southern Motorway Cameras
Central Motorway Junction (South).
Market Road (South)
Greenlane (North)
SEART (South)
Highbrook (North)
Redoubt Road (North)
SH20/SH1 interchange (North)
Alfriston Road (North)
Takanini (South)
Walter Strevens Drive (South)
Pahurehure (South)
Rushgreen Ave (South)
Park Estate (South)
Slippery Creek (South)
Airport Cameras (SH20a/b)
SH20/20a Interchange (North)
Kirkbride Road Intersection (North)
Montgomerie Intersection (North)
Puhinui Road (South)

North Western Cameras
Bond Street (East)
The Causeway (West)
Te Atatu Road (East)
Lincoln Road (East)
Lincoln Road (West)
Hobsonville Interchange (South)
SH16 Extension (west)
Upper Harbour Cameras
Paul Matthews Camera (East)
Albany Highway Interchange (East)
Greenhithe Road Interchange (East)
Tauhinu Road Interchange (East)
Greenhithe Bridge (East)
Sinton Road (West)
Brigham Creek (East)
Trig Road (West)


Northern Motorway Cameras
Onewa Road (South)
Esmonde Road (South)
Northcote Road (North)
Tristram Ave (South)
Greville Road (South)
Johnstone Hill Tunnels (South)
South Western Cameras
Maioro Street Camera (South)
Dominion Road Interchange (South)
Melrose Camera (South)
Hillsborough Interchange (South)
Queenstown Road Interchange (South)
Onehunga Wharf (North)
Rimu Road (North)
SH20/20a Interchange (North)
Massey Road (North)
Selfs Road (North)
Plunket Ave (East)
Lambie Drive (East)
SH20 to SH1 on-ramp (South)
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